What is Land Clearing and Why is it Important

It can be frustrating to decide what to with a land that is full of decomposing trees, plants, and full of stumps. Landowners typically decide to clear their land once the property is longer usable. If you are planning to sell the area hiring a land clearing specialist will help you clean the area.

If you already have a potential buyer they might decide to completely transform the land into a residential or commercial building depending on its location. Once both parties already agreed on what will be the type of project there might be a series of ideas to consider before starting.

It is important to get rid of any debris, stumps, trees, and bushes before starting any agricultural or structural project. By hiring a land clearing specialist, you can guarantee that workers can work in safety and clean environment. There is a service called selective land clearing if you only want to clean one part of your lot. It is important to remove any objects that could pose a threat to the project’s completion.

What Is The History Of Land Clearing?

Land clearing is a land development methods that specialists before until today to make progress in urban and agricultural development. It is recommended by Governing Agencies to maintain the quality and cleanliness of the land by removing dead trees and plants. By clearing the land into agricultural fields that produce root crops that help boost the economy, also it increases the land value. 

Land Stabilization

Land clearing is an essential step before starting any residential and commercial projects. To ensure that a lot is secure to occupy is to have a stable and safe ground. It is necessary to remove all obstacles that may hinder the progress of the project.

Improves Aesthetic Value

The curb appeal of a property drops sharply if there is the presence of overgrown plant life. An unsightly piece of land often serves as a dumping ground for waste and litter.

Land clearing can convert an uncleared space into usable and clean land that is ready for construction. 

Eliminates Safety Hazards

Tree stumps that stay in the ground can be dangerous for both humans and animals. Stumps can also make it very difficult for utility lines to be installed.

Aside from basic land clearing techniques, most landscaping companies also dig the surface of the land to remove deep tree roots with the stumps. Dead plants can attract diseases that could spread to humans and nearby vegetation. Having a neat area can attract potential investors or buyers.

Reduces Fire Risk

A land that is full of dead trees and plants is at high risk of getting wildfires. One of the land clearing tips that experts share is to remove all rotting tree stumps, dead plants, and bushes that can catch fire easily. In this way, you can prevent wildfires from spreading in a nearby area that can bring more damage.

Encourages Healthy Plant Growth

Although rotting and dead plants and trees on a piece of land is unsightly and poses a fire risk, land clearing promotes the growth of healthy vegetation.

Plants and trees might not get enough nutrients if the land is full of dead shrubs. Clearing overgrown land promotes healthier vegetation since plants can absorb more sunlight and water. These unwanted plants will absorb all soil nutrients that might hinder the growth of your vegetation.

Now that you understand why land cleaning is so important, what are some of the factors you should consider when you are preparing your land for clearing?

Do You Need A Permit?

You may need a permit to clear the land for the following reasons:

  •  Location of land
  • The type of vegetation on and around the land
  • Protected wildlife or wildlands on your property

You should check with the land planning agency in your jurisdiction to make sure you can legally clear the land. Even though this may seem like a waste of time, you do not want to begin the land clearing project only to have to stop and/or get fined because you are not authorized to do so because of local regulations.

Fortunately, if you are hiring a professional land clearing company for this project, the contractors may be able to get the authorization and permits that you need on your behalf.

Remove Boulders And Debris From Fallen Tree

If you only need to clear a small area and you know how to operate a chainsaw, you can start cutting off trees. You can also use land clearing tools if you are removing dead plants around your vegetation. It will be easier for professional contractors to remove all remaining trees.

You can gather all woods so you can haul it away and turn it into mulch. You can also use it as firewood or throw it away.

You must be aware of any trees that are showing signs of rot, such as dead limbs or dry leaves during unseasonable times of the year. This rotting vegetation can cause possible danger if the trees are not removed properly.

These are some of the reasons you should know what is land clearing and its importance. It can positively impact your land for decades to come.

If you are a homeowner, clearing out a piece of overgrown land on your property can make your property feel much larger than it is. It will give you a sense of aesthetic enjoyment and increased value.

For farmers or land developers, it can promote crop production or prepare the land from residential or commercial construction.