Knowing The Best Texas Firewood Types

When it comes to firewood, the actual differences have to do with their physical structure and reproduction, and not by their appearance or end-use.

The shortened description involves the following: hardwoods are typically denser when compared to softwood which means they typically emit more heat and burn for a lot longer. They are also not as sticky like the softwoods and also less prone to causing buildups of tar deposits in areas like your flue.

To provide you with a better understanding of the features and benefits associated with softwoods and hardwoods, here is an overview of each category, along with the details that you need.

So let’s start off with which of the firewoods are best for different fireplace types.

1. Hardwood

The hardwood trees, in general, are slow-growing, which makes them a lot denser when compared to softwoods. They are also a darker color, burn slower and are better for cooking along with producing fires that are more intense and hotter.

They are the better choice for lingering and longer fires with many coals to fuel your stove or heat your home. Hardwood is typically the preferred choice for fireplaces.

Common Types Of Hardwood Used For Burning

There are many hardwood types, so we will cover the 3 types that are more popular:

  • Oak

One of the favorites it is usually available in just about any area. Oak is extremely dense, which means it burns for a very long time. Yet this timber takes the longest to season. It is used best by combining it with other log types. This is the ideal choice in firewood when you want your fire to carry on burning throughout the night. The average price for a cord is between $110 and $130.

  • Birch

Another great choice for fires as this wood will burn well and quickly, even when it is unseasoned. The Birch comes in a variety of species which include the White, Yellow, and Black, that offer varying efficiency degrees. The bark is useful to use as a fire starter. This wood works well when combined with one of the slow-burning woods such as Oak. You can expect to pay around $200 for a cord.

  • Ash

This is one of the favorite woods to burn as it burns very well by itself, offers a favorable heat output, and produces steady flames. To purchase a split and seasoned cord, the average price is around $170.

2. Softwood

The softwoods generally season much faster than the hardwoods as they have a lower density and they are lighter. The softwoods also ignite faster when compared to hardwoods, while producing more smoke. This makes them a better choice for outdoor use.

They are the preferred choice for campfires, kindling, or anything outdoors that involves fire.

Popular Softwood Types For Burning

The softwoods are also available in countless varieties, yet there are a few that are better than others, especially when you need a wood type that produces a lower heat:

  • Cedar

Small pieces of this wood can burn unseasoned while emitting a pleasant odor. Cedar provides a heat that is long-lasting with small flames and a distinctive crackling sound. A cord will cost you in the region of $220.

  • Pine

Pine burns fast and ignites easily. It offers a great flame, but you will need to refuel a lot more frequently. This is one of the best fire starters but thinks about burning this wood outdoors due to the high resin and sap content. Pine works best when combined with other types of firewood. The average price for a cord is around $160.

  • Larch

Larch is harder than any other type of softwood and is in fact even harder than a few hardwoods. Larch has to be well-seasoned and it burns very hotly. The ideal choice for stoves and mixing with other hardwoods. If you do use this wood for your stove make sure the door is closed, otherwise you may end up with a room filled with smoke. This wood is one of the preferred choices due to its low-maintenance qualities. The cost of a full cord is around $160.

Firewood Types To Avoid

One of the common misconceptions around firewood is that you can burn any type of wood. Whether you plan to use wood in a stone-hearth, your cast-iron stove, or even at a campsite, there are a few wood types that should never be burned.

  • Non-Local Wood

If you have found wood that was stored and cut miles away from your home, ditch it. If you risk using firewood which has traveled a fair distance it is the easiest method to introduce diseases and invasive insects into the surrounding environment. Even one log that is infected could be a risk for an entire woodland or forest.

  • Greenwood

Wood that was freshly cut usually contains a high moisture and sap content, making it difficult to light. If you do manage to get your wood-burning the smoke content will be high, and it usually burns inefficiently. Ask the dealer about when this wood was cut when you are not sure whether it is green or not.

  • Painted Or Treated Wood

In previous years, wood was treated with arsenic for the purpose of preservation. If you burn this type of wood it will release this toxic poison into the surrounding air. Woods that are painted will also emit harmful chemicals when you burn them.

  • Driftwood

The salt content in driftwood contains chlorine that can convert to carcinogens when you burn it. Even though the salt in this wood produces attractive flames, it is a better idea to keep this wood away from your fire.

  • Big Wood

The logs that are larger than 5-inches in diameter should be recut before you plan to use them. Throwing these logs onto your fire is regarded as a waste. For maximum efficiency rather split the logs before you burn them.

Establishing what your requirements are when it comes to making a fire along with the types of wood that are available in the area where you live are important steps for selecting firewood that works best for your situation. The next time you plan to purchase wood, keep this information in mind!

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