Important Factors For The Tree Removal Decision In Texas

It’s not easy to decide when it comes to removing an old tree. Sometimes, it’s not just about practicality but there is also an emotional connect. It’s not easy to measure the importance of property, community or a family when there are several decades-old trees involved. It makes tree removal a complex decision but even if you have decided to get the tree removed, the process needs to be planned carefully.

If a tree is deemed hazardous, it means there is a risk of debris or limbs falling from the tree and that can be dangerous for people as well as property surrounding it. A dying or dead tree can be kept in its place for a number of years with proper pruning and maintenance but there will come a time when it will need to be removed completely.

Tree Health

In case more than half of the tree is deemed hazardous or is damaged, it is important to get it removed as quickly as possible. It means that the tree is in a serious state of decline and there are serious risks to people and property. Carefully take a look at the tree to check for signs of strange appearance, odd shape or any kind of halted or inhibited growth. If the tree has been damaged by herbicides, it will show abnormal growth characteristics such as misshapen leaves that tell you a lot about the deteriorating health of the tree.

Hollow Tree

If a tree sounds hollow, it means its health is in significant decline or it is already dead. A hollow trunk might still have some support structures that are keeping it in place but its strength is compromised which makes a hollow tree extremely dangerous. It’s time to get the tree removed in case a third or more of the trunk is hollow.

Damaged Tree Trunk

If there are visible signs of a damaged tree trunk (might include visible wounds, dead branches, seams or cracks) it typically means that the tree health is in decline. In case the tree has already sustained a traumatic impact, you need to seriously think about getting it removed. The tree might recover naturally from the wound in case the extent of the damaged trunk is less than 25%.

Dead Branches Limited To One Side Of The Tree

In case there are big dead branches or the branches have extensive damage, these might be a direct danger to surrounding property and people. The tree might be able to recover in case the percentage of fallen or damaged branches is less than 25%. If branches are rubbing or crossing each other, it can lead to the weakening of primary branches and that might compromise the integrity of the tree. Therefore, it is important to get these removed when the tree is relatively young.

Tree Species

Species of the tree also plays a role in determining the right time for tree removal. Some species such as Mimosa, Poplar trees, Burberry, Box Elder, willows as well as Empress trees have certain characteristics that make continuous growth less desirable. Some of these characteristics may include a tendency to harbor diseases and insects, excessive debris as well as weak wood and therefore, it is important to remove these trees early.

Sprouting Shoots Near The Tree Base

If there are any sprouting roots along the trunk or base of the tree, it typically points to serious issues with the tree. These roots might have grown due to trees experiencing additional stress due to sun over-exposure or excavation or a construction project nearby. Call in a certified arborist to evaluate the tree before making a decision.

Leaning Tree

A tree should grow vertically and in case it starts leaning in a particular direction, it means that the root system is weak or damaged. If you find that the tree is leaning more than 15 degrees, take immediate action to get it removed as quickly as possible.

Damaged Root System Due To Excavation

In case a tree is showing signs of more than half the root system being damaged, such a tree should be removed immediately.

Power Lines Above The Tree

Trees under power lines should never exceed a height of 25 feet. If there is a tree below power lines and it is more than 25 feet high, it should be immediately thinned out or trimmed in order to make sure that there is no power failure or property damage due to tree foliage. If the tree is near the power lines, get in touch with a professional tree trimming service to get it thinned out in order to avoid the risk of serious injury or death.

History Of The Tree

If the tree branches have been excessively pruned or someone botched the pruning job, it can lead to some serious damage that will show after some years. If older methods such as ‘topping’ of trees have been used on the tree, the root system could have been significantly damaged and that will prevent new growth. If the soil surrounding the root system has undergone changes, it might also be responsible for a general decline of the tree. These are known as stress symptoms and may cause serious health issues for a tree but most trees can be saved if these symptoms are discovered early.

Environment Surrounding The Tree

If the tree is near a body of water or rocky ledges, it is likely to have a shallow root system. If a tree is removed from a grouping or a cluster, it might expose the tree to excessive sunlight which causes significant stress and it may cause the death of the tree in just a few years.

Adequate Space For Future Growth

Typically, it’s not a problem when trees are placed in a close grouping but it is not recommended to plant large trees within a distance of 20 feet of your property. In case bigger trees are encroaching on your property, you should get them trimmed regularly in case you do not want to remove them completely.

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