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We help homeowners, and business get rid of root balls, tree stumps, and massive root systems that are a nuisance at an affordable rate. With our Texas tree stumping grinding services, we grind out the roots and wood pieces deep, creating space to plant another tree on the same spot if necessary. Our technicians are equipped with a compact stump grinding machine that is not only easy to manoeuvre around your property, but also fits through tight spaces. The grinding machine can fit through gates as small as 27’ wide.


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After a tree removal specialists have removed a tree and the tree stump, they usually leave it on the property, unless you request stump grinding or removal services.  When the tree stump is not cleared, it can remain in place for more than seven years as it decays, creating a hazardous environment and a nuisance. In many cases, grinding the tree stump is the only solution.

Firewood Seller, we will get the job done right the first time and on time. Even when you have a large piece of land or a lot of clearing with more than 50 stamps, we will get the job done. In fact, our service will save you money on large projects. Call us today and request a free quote on the variety of services we offer. We can schedule your project on the same day you contact us for expeditious stump removal.

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The top reasons you should remove a tree stump:

  • Reduce the prevalence of pests such as wasps, termites, and carpenter ants 
  • Negate the transmission of infectious tree disease to other healthy trees 
  • Get rid of a trip hazard 
  • Get rid of above-ground roots nuisance 


What Makes Firewood Sellers Your To-Go-To Tree Removal Specialist

There is a considerable risk that comes with contracting untrained and inexperienced personnel to remove or grind tree stumps with inefficient or faulty equipment. This is something Firewood Sellers highly appreciates. As such, we have hired experienced and trained technicians and equipped them with the best and greatest stump grinders in the business; our machine is powerful and versatile to meet your needs. 

We operate a heavy-duty self-propelled grinder that is highly portable. The machine can access many parts of your property that are inaccessible to other grinding machines, including the front, back, and side yards. Importantly, the high-horsepower combined with sharp carbide grinding teeth can grind even the toughest of tree stumps. This allows our personnel to grind and all tree stamps in your property, returning the ground level to the proper soil level and the entire area tidy and clean.

Tree stumps can be a potential hazard, especially when located in heavy foot traffic parts of the property. Both children and adults can accidentally trip over or on them, potentially suffering severe injuries. Moreover, the tree stump can sprout another tree of several of them at its base. 

Trees tend to grow from old tree stumps even several years of after being cut. Grinding the core of the tree stump negates the chances of a tree sprouting from the stump. Grinding kills the tree stumps completely.

Another reason you should have the tree stump ground is to make it easy to lawn your yard. A tree stump can also damage your mower when mowing too close. There is also the issue of the stump attracting pests such as bees, ants, wasps and termites. A tree stump is a perfect habitat for such insects, and you should grind the tree stump as a proactive pest control measure.   

Our Stump Removal Process

We begin the process of tree stump grinding by carefully clearing the tree and all the debris from your property with care and caution. The next step is to grind the stump to at least 6” to 10” below ground using a mechanical grinder. 

At the same time, the grinder digs and removes the roots system. Taking these elaborative grinding steps ensures the tree will not re-grow again as our experienced personnel removes all of the stumps. If you request backfill of the void, we will add topsoil, leaving with flat ground. At Firewood Sellers, we pride ourselves on conducting thorough stump removal and grinding services that will not only meet our clients’ needs but exceed their expectations. 

While we are experienced professionals, it is crucial for property owners to advise our team of any underground obstacles around the stump. If you have electric wires connected to your accent lighting, underground dog fences, sprinkler lines, septic fields, etc. we want to know. Additionally, we will contact the utility and phone companies in advance to locate the precise location of the pipes and wires.

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Firewood Seller is a professionally accredited company rendering premium stump removal and tree care expertise.

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