Hiring Land Clearing Specialists To Clear Land With Wet Ground

Do you have unusable land around your house that you wish to make the most of? Are there tree stumps lying around in the garden that you want to get rid of? If yes, then you should resort to land clearing services. But what if the land you intend to clean is wet? What if it is the monsoon, and you have to clear broken trees, rocks, and stones from the front yard? How will you tackle these obstacles? Let’s find out.

How to clear land when the ground is wet

Clearing the land becomes twice the work with a slippery ground. For example, if you have to shove a considerably big rock from one place to another in the garden, you would slip and fall several times with the wet grass under your feet. It not only makes you work more but also takes a lot of time to finish an easy job.

So, what should you do to clearing overgrown land if the ground is wet? Here are a few land clearing tips you can follow:

Get professional help

Land clearing is not a DIY job. Of course, if it only involves clearing weeds and twigs from the front yard, you can do it yourself. But if it involves heavy-duty clearing like clearing wooded land for house, you shouldn’t take matters into your hands. As already mentioned, a wet ground makes a simple job difficult.

You don’t have to slip and frequently fall to push a tree aside. You don’t even know if pushing the tree would help clear the land or not. With land clearing specialists, you don’t have to worry about the ground condition.

All you need to do is inform the service you need like clearing land for a house, you want to haul rocks and stones away from the backyard. The land clearing company will come over to your house with bulldozers or excavators and haul the rocks away. Since they use heavy-duty machinery, it doesn’t matter to them whether the ground is dry or wet. These machines work irrespective of the ground condition.

Even mowing the lawn becomes a challenging task when the ground is wet. The handheld mowers don’t work correctly. You see the grass growing fast while you sit in the house waiting for the rain to stop. Calling a professional land clearing company will take care of this problem whenever the ground is wet.

They have their own land clearing techniques and advanced mowers that work on grasses without considering whether they are wet or dry. And it is not just about mowing the grass. Land clearing also involves removing dead trees and stumps. These things can create a menace by inviting pests into the house.

You shouldn’t handle these things alone even if the ground is dry. Let the professionals take care of stumps and dead trees while you enjoy hot chocolate and enjoy the rain. If your concern is the land clearing cost, this will vary depending on the size of the property and other factors.

Don’t throw the trees away

It is tough to deal with broken trees and branches when the ground is wet. You shouldn’t touch the tree if it has fallen on some electric wiring on the road. It is best to call tree service companies to make sure they cut and manage the trees so that they don’t become an obstacle for everyone. Sometimes, the trees around your house can lean on to the roof.

Although it looks nice during spring and autumn, these branches will become your enemy during the monsoons. Branches can increase the moisture content on your roof that will, in turn, seep through cracks and holes and reach the ceilings and drywalls. It is almost an impossible task to trim and prune trees when the ground is wet. You cannot take the risk of plugging an electric chainsaw and using it while there is a drizzle.

It can electrocute you, leading to instant death. Instead, you can get in touch with a tree servicing company. They provide a variety of services, such as tree pruning, tree cabling, stump removal, dead tree removal, and so on. Calling these guys will help you with two things: you will get a clear land with healthier trees and plants around the house irrespective of the condition of the ground. Second, you can use the wood, season it from spring to autumn, and use the pile as firewood.

This will not only help to avoid working alone to clear the land alone but also save hundreds of bucks that you would otherwise spend on buying firewood in winter. As they say, you should recycle and reuse. This is merely following that idea to not only keep your house surroundings tidy but also making the most of what you have.

Get your permits

Land clearing can become a very disruptive process if you don’t follow the state guidelines. Digging through the wet ground can break the underlying pipelines that carry sludge from the neighborhood. There are high chances that your hand slips a little, and the shovel digs a lot deeper than it should have. You wouldn’t want to get into legal trouble because of a wrong blow of the shovel. 

If your land clearing project impacts surface water or wetlands, you should get a permit before doing anything. Even if you want to dig the front yard to create a reservoir to conserve rainwater, you should better get permits before starting the project. Land clearing has become common, especially when families move into new houses. The real estate market doesn’t work according to the ups and downs of the weather conditions.

So, if you are one of the families moving to a new house and find that there are unwanted trees, stones, and rocks obstructing the way to the entrance, you should call professionals to clear the land.  No one appreciates an ill-maintained landscape, especially when they come to the house for the first time. You should always get in touch with either a land clearing company or a tree service company, depending on the service you need. They have all the machines and tools that can help clear the land, no matter what the condition of the ground is.