What Are The Land Clearings Costs Associated With Building A House?

If you need to clear your land for a backyard landscaping or to build a house, you need to understand the costs. The land clearing costs will vary depending on the scope of work and other factors like the soil condition, the sizes and the kinds of trees, and more. Clearing land can be bothering and you can’t do it on your own especially if you have a big size of the lot to clear. Seeking help from professionals is your best option for this.

That is why you need to understand what these factors are and how they will increase the costs you face. Understanding this will ensure that you get estimates you understand and have a rough idea of what the costs will be.  Here are some land clearing tips to make sure you are getting the correct pricing for your new project.

Land Clearings Costs Associated With Building A House

Clearing land for building a house will be more complex than clearing the backyard for landscaping. This will increase the costs and you are looking at an average of $1,200 to $4,000. This is for a standard size property with basic clearing needs.

As every clearing job is different, you cannot use this average as the standard for your estimate. You will need to look at all the factors affecting the costs and determine if they are relevant for your property. You can then add the costs based on these factors and generate a rough estimate of the costs. To get true costing, you will have to get an estimate from a clearing company.

Land Surveying Costs

If you are going to build a house on the cleared land, you have to get the land surveyed first. This is the first requirement in most states in order to get building permission. You will also need to get zoning permits before you can start building.

The cost of surveying and zoning permits will vary depending on your location. However, you can expect to pay between $265 and $650 for this. When hiring a land clearing company, you should ask them to look into the zoning and land clearing permits for you. While this might increase the costs slightly, they know what to look for and it will reduce the stress you are under.

The Labor Costs

After the land has been surveyed, you will start looking at the land clearing cost of physically clearing the land. In most cases, the largest cost will be labor costs. The land clearing cost per acre is between $110 and $245 per hour depending on your location.

To clear an area of 2 to 3 acres, most land clearing companies will take a day or 8 working hours. For this rate of labor, you will need to pay these high labor costs. If you live in a more affluent area, you might face costs on the higher end of the scale.

The Equipment Costs

The cost of land clearing equipment will generally be between $160 and $230. Most companies will have basic equipment and that is what is covered by these costs. However, if your land clearing requires other equipment such as excavators, you will need to pay a rental fee. You will have to pay the rental fee because the company does not generally have this equipment and will need to rent it.

The labor and equipment costs are the basic costs you face for land clearing. Many companies will combine these costs into a package deal. However, these package deals may have restrictions on the size of land being cleared.

Hauling Costs

Once the land has been cleared, you will be left with the debris. Many clearing companies will offer haulage services where they remove this debris for you. This will generally increase your costs by $135 per cubic yard. This is the national average and could cost more in your location.

If the clearing company does not offer haulage services, you will need to hire a different contractor. Some of these contractors will charge $300 per load while others will only hail certain types of debris. Heavier debris such as concrete will cost more to haul as landfills charge more to accept this waste.

Tree And Stump Removal

If you have trees that need to be removed, you can expect to pay around $650 per tree. Of course, this will depend on the size of the tree, its condition, and the location. Trees in hard to reach locations will cost more to remove.

If you have tree stumps that need to be removed, the average costs will e $2 to $4 per inch of the stump diameter. Stump removal requires the clearing company to remove the stump and the root system. You can choose stump grinding instead, but this will cost between $75 and $1,000 due to the equipment required.

Bush Removal

Removing bushes from the land is different from removing trees and stumps. This is simpler and will cost less. On average, you will be paying between $20 and $200 per acre.

The lower costs are due to the root system being less complex than trees. When you look at the bush removal costs, this will also cover the removal of other plants and overgrowth.

Land Grading Costs

Once the trees and shrubs have been removed from the land, you might need it to be graded. This is particularly important if you are going to build on the land. Land grading costs will be charged on an hourly basis and has an average of $50 to $70 per hour nationwide.

The length of time it takes to grade the land will vary depending on the property. The severity of the slope will increase the costs as will the overall size of the property. If you want an irrigation system installed will also affect the costs of land grading.

The Utility Costs

If your land clearing needs excavation, you need to have the underground utility lines identified. This should not cost you anything and you will need to call the local utility company to help. If you cannot identify the utility company, the local planning office will be able to help with this.

The costs of clearing land are not as simple as they are affected by a range of factors. The size of your property and the purpose of the clearing will impact the costs. What you are clearing will also affect the costs as does your location as certain areas have higher general costs than others.