How Much Does Land Clearing Cost Per Acre?

No residential, commercial, or construction project is possible without clearing the land first. The construction team needs to make sure that the land is free from obstacles before they start with their job. But what will be the cost of clearing the land? It is not always the job of the construction company to clear the land before starting their project. That’s where a land clearing company intervenes. Here are some land clearing tips and information you will want to know before hiring a company.

Land clearing services

When it comes to land clearing services, you should get in touch with the professionals. There is no need to do these things alone because you may not have the appropriate tools to clear the land. But what is the approximate cost of land clearing? Honestly, it depends on the size of the land and the things that the clearing company needs to move away. Land clearing involves a lot of things, such as clearing rocks, stones, removing trees, stumps, and broken branches.

It is best if you get in touch with a few companies and let the land clearing specialists inspect the condition of the land first. They will provide quotations depending on the work they have to do. You can then decide which company to hire after comparing the costs.

Land clearing cost per acre

Usually, the average land clearing cost is somewhere between $1150 and $3700. The amount can go up if the company has to clear massive acres of land. The average cost to clear lightly wooded piles ranges between $1500 and $3000. On the other hand, if it is a heavily-wooded area, the price may go up to $3700 and $6800. Sometimes the land clearing company will cut you a deal if they want to keep the wood to sell as firewood later.

Land clearing costs provide a quotation according to the density of the wood they have to clear. Sometimes it is not just the density of wood; it is also about the weight of the obstacles they have to move that decides the total cost. Here is a breakdown of how the land clearing companies charge according to the items they have to clear per acre:

1. Quarter acre

The average cost is between $800 and $1200, depending on the things they have to move. It involves light clearing, such as small, young trees, that are not more than 9-feet tall. If the entire quarter-acre consists of such trees, the cost may be on the lower side. However, the minimum rate is only applicable if the land is flat. If the ground has contours or there are frequent ups and downs, then the land clearing company may have to grade the land and also remove the rocks. This will increase the overall cost.

Light clearing also includes removing bushes, shrubs, and stumps. Sometimes the front yard of houses contains a significant amount of unwanted bushes that you can’t uproot with your hands. Instead of taking the shovel and hoe in your hands, you can hire a land clearing company to do the honors. They have better tools and machines that can clear these items from their roots.

2. Full acre light underbrush

The cost to clear a full acre land is between $3400 and $3800. But make sure the area does not have a heavy, dense forest. Light underbrush is similar to a light clearing. It will involve clearing smaller trees, bushes, shrubs, and stumps. The company may also agree to remove dead trees from the land within the same price. But do not expect them to clear massive trees at a low price. Light underbrush also doesn’t include rock removal or land grading.

3. Full acre heavily forested

If you have an acre of land with tall trees, bushes, shrubs, rocks, and stones around, you may be looking at a cost in excess of $7000. The land clearing company will have to use excavators and bulldozers to break the trees and clear everything. It takes considerable time to make sure that the land doesn’t have an ounce of unwanted branches and trees left.

Sometimes, there may be additional land clearing charges if you request the company to get rid of poles or any fixed structure from the specified area. The additional charges to clear such items will be approximately $1 or $2 per square foot. The company will also prepare the land for the construction company to start working. It not only involves clearing fixed structures but also removing stones and rocks that might become obstacles while working.

Land clearing costs for building a house

The average cost to clear land for a construction site that wants to build a house is between $1100 and $3700. Again, the cost depends on the density of the bushes, rocks, and grass available on the land. Clearing bushes are comparatively less expensive than clearing trees. That is why bush clearing services range between $1200 and $1800 per acre. If the bushes are light and thin, you will not need to pay a fortune. Most land clearing companies charge somewhere between $200 and $300 per acre.

Tree clearing cost

If the land contains only trees and no rocks or stones, the charges may vary according to the trees you want to clear. For example, clearing one tree may cost between $150 and $400, depending on the size and condition of the tree. Dead trees are easier to move because they fall off easily.

On the other hand, if the tree has already fallen down, the removal costs may be between $70 and $200. Many homeowners call land clearing companies after a session of heavy storm and rain. Trees may fall down and block their entrance or the road nearby. The land clearing company will charge according to the size and number of trees they have to move.

However, for large-scale tree clearing, the charges may vary between $1500 and $3000. This will include lightly wooded areas. The heavily forested lot costs between $3700 and $6700.

All these are approximate costs. Some companies may give you a better deal if you are their first-time customer. So, compare the quotations from several companies before hiring the one you think suits your pocket.