How Much Does Land Clearing Cost To Build A House?

Building your own home ensures that you have the house of your dreams. The problem is that you need to clear the plot you buy before you can build your home. Doing this can be expensive, and it is important that you understand what the land clearing costs you could face are. Here are some land clearing tips about the costs associated with clearing your land.

The Costs Of Land Clearing Per Acre

The cost of clearing land for building is generally based on how heavily the land is wooded. The grade of the land will also play a role in the costs. If you need light land clearing on flat ground, this will generally cost around $950 per quarter acre. This means that clearing a full acre will cost $3,800. If the land is heavily wooded, the costs can increase to $7,000 or more per acre.

Most clearing companies will quote the project on a quarter acre basis. Some will quote on an acre basis, depending on the size of your plot. The average for the costs is based on nation-wide figures and could vary depending on your location.

The land clearing costs to clear a quarter acre with light brush and grub roots will be $950. However, if the land has medium brush or small trees, the cost increases to $1,090. If the company has to clear brush and trees with 6” trunk diameters, this will cost slightly more at $1,200. Wooded areas where stumps must be pulled will have a quarter acre cost of $1,680 on average.

These costs are only for the wooded area and do not include the underbrush. If the company has to clear light or medium underbrush, this will cost an average of $3,790 to $4,360 per acre. If the area is heavily forested with trees and stumps, this will increase to between $4,820 and $6,710.

The Cost Of Brush Removal

When looking at the costs of clearing land, you have to consider what is being cleared. Brush is easier and cheaper to remove than trees. On average, you will pay $1,254 to $1,755 per acre for brush removal. If the brush is very light and thin, you could face a cost of only $200 per acre.

Of course, the cost of brush removal will also be affected by the grade and slope of the land. Flatland will be cheaper than sloped land. This is due to is being easier and faster for the machinery to run along the ground.

The Costs Of Tree Clearing

If you have to clear trees from the land, you will face an average cost of $200 to $400 per tree. The costs will be lower if the tree has already fallen and the company only has to remove the fallen tree. In these cases, the costs will be between $70 and $200.

The cost of tree removal will also be impacted by the height of the tree. A tree with a height of 8’ to 12’ will cost $150 to remove while on with a height of 13’ to 18’ will cost $210. Trees with a height of 19’ to 24’ will cost around $330 each, and trees 25’ to 36’ in height will cost an average of $419 each.

Some companies will quote tree removal on an acre range. If the lot is lightly wooded, the price will be between $1,500 and $3,000. If the lot is heavily forested, the costs will increase to $3,790 to $6,710 per acre.

The Cost Of Stump Removal

If you have tree stumps on the land, the cost of grinding will depend on the number of stumps. The access of the stump, the depth of the grinding, the root system, and the stump diameter will also affect the costs. On average, you should expect costs of $160 for the first stump and $40 for further stumps.

The cost of $160 will be for the largest diameter tree stumps. If the stump has a diameter of 6” to 10”, you can expect an average cost of $67 per stump.

The Cost Of Removing Rocks

If you want to build a house, you need to have any rocks removed from the land. The cost of clearing rocks will vary from $5.53 to $9.15 per linear foot. The costs vary depending on the hardness of the rocks and the soil.

Rock drilling often calls for a pneumatic mounted wagon drill. If this is required, there will be a minimum charge of $2,500. This is due to the specialized nature of this equipment.

The Costs Of Land Grading

If your plot is not completely flat, you will need to have it graded before you can start building. To do this, the land will have to be scraped from your location or a higher elevation. The soil that is removed will then be used to fill lower levels to even the plot.

The costs of grading nationally will be between $6,000 and $10,000 per acre. If the grading is done in shale, clay, or soft rock, the costs will increase by 10% to 25%. If you need to strip and stockpile the topsoil on-site and then replace it, an additional cost of $9.48 per cubic yard will be charged.

The Cost Of Excavation

When building, land excavation is vital as the property needs a solid foundation. Excavation will also turn a plot into a garden. The average costs of excavation will vary depending on the location of your plot. On average, this will cost between $1,600 and $4,400.

Survey And Permit Costs

Before clearing is done, you will have to get the land surveyed by land clearing specialists. While you can use an older survey, it is recommended that you have a new one carried out. This will generally cost between $480 and $540 for a residential plot.

You also need to get a land clearing permit before you start. Each state and county has different regulations for this. If you have any grading that needs to be done, you will generally have to get a permit. There are also specific trees that are protected, and you need to have a permit for marking them. The cost of the permit will be $200 or more.

There are many factors that impact the cost of clearing land for building. Before you start, you need to have the land surveyed and get a clearing permit is required. The overall size of the plot and the type of clearing will affect the costs the most.