What is Seasoned Firewood and How to Season Firewood Fast?

With winter around the corner, you would want to stock up on high-quality firewood right now to avoid buying them at a steeper price later. Bundling up in front of the fireplace and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa can de-stress you quickly. You need to keep a few things in mind on how to season firewood fast before winter comes. If you have sufficient firewood but don’t have enough time to season them, here are a few tips you can follow:

Avoid Greenwood

Greenwood and wet wood take ages to burn. And there’s no guarantee either whether they will burn or not. If you need seasoned firewood, you should first allow the newly cut wood to dry. This will eliminate the last ounce of moisture so that the wood is ready to go into the fireplace. Here the are three ways on how to season firewood fast:

Natural drying

This is the most inexpensive technique to season firewood. All you need is sufficient sunlight and air. However, you need to make sure that all the firewood receives almost the same amount of sun and wind to provide even burning. Considering you already have the wood, you also need to know how to store firewood outside to keep them exposed to the sunlight. You should also know a few foresting techniques like limbing, bucking, and felling. Make sure you cut and split the wood according to the size of your place. Don’t keep them too big; otherwise, they might burn heavily and catch fire.

Moreover, smaller logs dry quickly so you need to learn some techniques on how to dry firewood fast. For example, if you get your firewood in spring and you don’t cut it, you never know when the logs will dry. So, always cut the firewood into small pieces to increase the seasoning speed. Bare wood allows air to circulate freely so that it dries quickly. After seasoning the firewood, you need to stack it up nicely. Don’t just pile the firewood in the backyard. Make sure you find a sunny spot so that it receives sunlight and air all the time.

Autumn doesn’t experience too much rainfall. So, it would be best to stack them in firewood storage in the backyard until winter arrives. This will give the firewood some extra time to dry and season better for quick burning. Also, don’t keep the firewood on the ground. Moisture from the grass can make them wet every day. Ideally, you should use a pallet to avoid moisture from creeping into the wood.

Artificial ventilation

Forced ventilation is another way to season firewood. However, it is a slightly more expensive option. But if your city experiences rainfall throughout the year, you can’t rely on on the sun and air to season your firewood. Make sure you collect the firewood in spring or the latest by the beginning of summer. Anything later than that period will make it tough to season the firewood in time. Since this is an artificial seasoning process, it works quicker than natural drying. You can ask your neighborhood on where to buy the best firewood in town.

You would need ventilators to season the wood. Keep the ventilators beneath the firewood. This will allow the warm air to circulate the pieces of wood and dry them quickly. However, make sure you keep the wood on net bags or pallets to achieve the best firewood to burn. Don’t keep them on the ground. You can dry the firewood in batches if you don’t have a big space. Dry every batch for a day and keep repeating the process so that you have enough firewood when winter sets in. Artificial ventilation can season your wood faster, but it costs more because of the ventilators. If you don’t have time to do the process you can ask around on how much is a cord of firewood cost so you can still enjoy your winter.

While using the artificial ventilation process, you also need to keep the humidity levels in mind. The humidity in the room should be less than 75%. Make sure the doors and windows remain closed. If the moisture levels are high, the entire hard work will become counterproductive. So, it is best to have ventilation channels in the room. Also, switch off the ventilators at night. Fog or rain can have adverse effects if the ventilators are on. Use them only when you are awake.


A kiln is probably the life-saver for so many people who forget to season their firewood in time. It is the fastest way to season firewood, but it comes at a high price. This process is more expensive than artificial ventilation. The kiln consists of a special chamber with air vents and fans. All you need to do is cut the firewood into suitable places and stack them into the chamber. Different kilns have different sizes. You need to understand the drying process and control the humidity according to the size and amount of wood.

The bigger-sized kilns have different seasoning parameters than the smaller kilns. So, go through the manual carefully before using the device. Some of the advanced kilns come with moisture meters. This will help to understand the condition of the firewood at different stages of seasoning. These meters can also tell you the percentage of moisture left in the wood. You can adjust the seasoning process accordingly. Buying a kiln is expensive, though. If you sell firewood, then it is the best option. If you are an average homeowner you can ask where to buy firewood so you can save more.

Moreover, it is best to invest in a kiln that has advanced features like a moisture meter to identify what is the best firewood to use. If you are not a pro in seasoning firewood, you shouldn’t guess the moisture content in the wood. You would need a moisture meter at some point. But again, this is the fastest way to season firewood. It may have a drawback with the price, but you can expect to get seasoned firewood within a few days. You don’t have to start preparing from early spring to get the firewood ready for winter.

Now that you know what is seasoned firewood. Once you finish the entire process. Pick a few pieces of wood randomly from the stack and burn them in your fireplace. If they burn right away, the firewood is ready for winters. Alternatively, you can also check the moisture percentage before burning them to be sure.