Tips on How to Season Firewood Properly

It is no surprise that most households use wood as a source of heat and some to cook their meals. You can tell that you have the best firewood if it is season properly. Unseasoned wood is inefficient due to poor performance since maintaining the fire will be a big struggle.

The common challenge the experts face is that firewood takes a long time to dry. It may take between 6 months to 2 years to thoroughly dry it out. Given the timeframe needed, you should harvest the wood early enough to prepare for seasoning.

If the woods are not properly season through time, this may result in having a Greenwood. Greenwood contains more moisture than those well-seasoned woods. You might want to ask your friends who completed the process on how to season firewood properly.

Burning green wood is dangerous because it results in the emission of a lot of smoke, which may cause a hazardous creosote buildup. Besides, burning green wood produces an unpleasant smell, which may cause respiratory problems. Therefore, you have to determine whether the wood you are storing is seasoned enough. Below are some tips you need to remember if the wood has excellent quality.


The primary thing you have to learn is that greenwood weighs more than seasoned wood since it contains a higher volume of water. If you notice that the wood is denser than you anticipate, that should be a red flag. How to dry firewood fast? The trick is this: As the wood dries, it tends to lose its water content, which causes it to become lighter than it was initially.

There are various ways for you also to determine the moisture level in the wood. You could use a wood moisture meter to check whether the wood is ideal for use.

It uses a battery-powered device to measure the level of conductivity between two electrical probes that you should insert in the wood. Wood does not usually conduct electricity. The amount of current flow will tell you the number of moisture content in the timber. A good indicator that it is well-seasoned firewood when the device shows a reading of 25% or less. Some stores sell seasoned firewood ask your friends on where they buy and how much is a cord of firewood cost.

Appearance Of The Wood

It’s easy to determine what is the best firewood that you should buy or have. You can use your human senses, such as sight, to determine whether your wood is ready. The other thing you need to check is the appearance of the wood. When the wood begins to dry and lose its moisture content, you will start to see cracks appearing at the end of the trunks. It happens because of the reduction that is caused by the lack of moisture level.

You will also notice the bark falling off and becoming noticeably loose. As much as dry wood is associated with loose bark, it doesn’t mean that any wood that has its bark in place is green. You have to incorporate other signs for you to entirely determined that the wood is dry.

The signs above are a good indicator that the wood is seasoning as required. Also, greenwood is usually green in color.

As the wood dries out, it begins to lose its color and becomes dull. This change in color usually involves the sapwood Seasoned wood will change its color from bright green to gray or yellow hues.

Also, look out for the cambium. The cambium is a thin layer in the wood usually found between the sapwood and bark. If you want to check whether it’s seasoned firewood, peel a section of the bark and check whether it is green in color. If that part is green, it automatically goes without saying that the wood is also green.


One of the indicators that it’s the best firewood to burn in your fireplace is its smell. The smell of the wood will help you know whether the wood is ready for use or not. Usually, when the wood is unseasoned, it has a sappy smell. As the wood dries, the sappy smell disappears as well. If you notice that the smell is still there, it means that the wood is not seasoned correctly, and hence, you need to give it more time.

Also, when you split the wood into pieces, there shouldn’t be any aroma, which is usually present when the wood is fresh. Always remember that dry wood doesn’t have a strong smell. Apart from the smell, you should try to light the wood to see whether it is indeed adequately seasoned. Dry wood is natural to start and burns with ease. Aside from this, you must also understand how to store firewood outside to keep its quality.

Greenwood isn’t easy to start and will produce intense smoke when burned. Another tip to use involves the sound the wood produces when it is being struck. A dry wood, when struck against another piece of wood, will produce a hollow sound. This is not the case with wet wood. You can ask your friends for any tips on how to how to season firewood fast.

Test Using A Washing Up Liquid

You could also choose to conduct a soap test to determine whether the wood is adequately seasoned or not. You only need to use a regular washing up soap and some air. Once you get the materials, but a little soap on one end of the log. Then go to the other end of the wood and put your mouth there. Continue by blowing through the log. If bubbles appear, then it means that the firewood is dry and ready for use. The reason this happens is that the log usually has some channels inside it which are responsible for transporting water. If the wood gets cut and dries up, the water content disappears and allows the air to pass through when you blow. This test is easy and will give you the correct results. You can search on the internet on where to buy firewood if you don’t want to wait that long.

You should also have good firewood storage so your woods will stay dry and the quality will remain for a long time.

Burning using dry wood is excellent because it lights easily and will not cause any buildup of the dangerous wood creosote. Now you know what is seasoned firewood and how to assess whether the firewood you have is ready for use or not. Use the tips above to tell whether your wood is seasoned properly.