Ways On How To Dry Firewood Fast

Nothing is more satisfying than a good fire. Sitting in front of roaring fire keeps you warm and it is comforting. Using your fireplace will keep your heating costs down and it helps you enjoy the cold weather so much more. If you want your fire to perform well, you have to make sure that you use high-quality firewood.

The wood has to be dry or it is going to produce too much smoke and won’t catch on fire. The key to a good fire is dry firewood. Read on to learn how to dry firewood fast so you can enjoy a warm fire whenever you want one.

Pick The Right Wood

Some types of wood are better than others. Your choice of wood is going to play a big role in the warmth and length of the fire. Choosing the right type of wood and knowing their pros and cons will give an idea of what is the best firewood for your needs. The best firewood is the one that can give you comfort and that effectively warm your home.

Oak is the best firewood to burn, but it needs to be seasoned for at least a year. If you don’t have a year to season your oak, you can use any kind of tree. Just make sure you know what is seasoned firewood and avoid using diseased or dead trees because they won’t burn well.

Cut And Split Your Firewood

You will need to split and cut the wood so it is the right size to burn in your fireplace. Make sure the pieces are the same size. You can use an ax or a log splitter to cut the wood into uniform sizes. 

Stack And Cure Your Logs

The firewood is going to need to be stacked and cured. You can use a log rack or even just stack your wood next to a fence or in a barn. Using a rack is the best way to stack the wood because it will dry evenly this way. 

If your wood is not evenly dried it will not burn evenly. The rock separates the wood so the ends are exposed and the entire log dries evenly. Your wood will also dry faster when you use a log rack. The rack also prevents the wood from attracting bugs and getting so dirty. 

Dry Your Wood Fast The Natural Way

The sooner you can dry your firewood the sooner you can start using it to enjoy an amazing fire. Natural drying uses the sun and air to dry your firewood. It will dry faster the warmer the temperature is to try to plan to have your wood drying during the summer if you can.

It is very important that air is able to circulate around the wood if you want it to dry efficiently. Keeping the wood off the ground is going to make it dry faster and you will have a better chance of having your wood dry fast. You want to make sure that you space the wood and never pile your wood up in a big pile or else you will have to wait forever for it to dry. Cover the firewood if it is going to rain. Your firewood should be ready for winter if you follow these plans.

Dry Firewood Quickly With Artificial Ventilation

If you have extra money and don’t mind spending money on drying equipment you might want to consider using forced ventilation. This method is going to give you fast results and you can dry your firewood fast. You should how to season firewood using this method.

Forced ventilation is easy. You just need to invest in ventilators that you place under the wood. The ventilators cause the air to circulate faster and this allows the air to dry fast.

Using forced air ventilation is one of the fastest ways to dry firewood and you want to consider using this method so you can make your firewood dry fast so you can start using it. 

One issue that can come up with artificial ventilation is that you have to make sure that the humidity is going to be lower than 75 percent. If it is too humid the ventilators can actually make the wood wet. 

Artificial ventilation can only be used if you are not living in a humid area. If you live in a dry climate, artificial ventilation is a great way to dry firewood quickly and efficiently. You will save a lot of time with this method and you get superior results when you use this method. 

Make sure to turn the ventilators off at night. You don’t need to run them 24 hours a day. You can also invest in a special moisture sensor that will alert you when the drying process is done. Don’t run the ventilator when it is raining. If you want to really speed up the heating process you can add a heater to the as well. The heater is going to increase your electricity bills however so be prepared.

Dry Your Firewood The Fastest With A Kiln

If you want to dry your firewood as quickly as possible, the fastest way to do this is to use a kiln. The kiln is going to dry the firewood fast and you can quickly work through all of your firewood fast when you put it in a kiln.

Make sure that you use a kiln that has a moisture meter so you are investing in the best kiln that you can afford. The kilns with the moisture meters tell you exactly how much water is left in the wood and you will have much easier time-saving money because you will know how much moisture is in the wood. 

When you use the meter you can adjust the temperature of the kiln and you can adjust how long the firewood is going to be in the kiln for. The downside of buying a kiln is that it is going to be expensive.

You will know your wood is dry when you test it with a moisture meter. You can also look at the color. Dry wood is going to look dark. The ends of the wood might be cracked as well. The wood will weigh less and the ends are going to feel dry to the touch.