How Much Is A Cord Of Firewood Cost?

When you are ready to fuel your wood-burning stove or fireplace, you can choose to either cut the wood on your own or you can buy one or two racks of wood at a time. There are things you need to consider when purchasing the best firewood. First, you need to know if the wood is dry or “seasoned”. This means that the firewood is ready for burning.

Another option of purchasing firewood is by the truckload. So, with all of the different options to buy it, how much does it cost?

One of the biggest issues with purchasing firewood by the rack is that this is not the most cost-effective solution. Cutting the wood on your own is the least expensive option, financially. However, you spend a lot of time manually cutting and gathering the firewood that you need for the winter. You need to at least know what is the best firewood and how to season it so it will be less hassle and easier for you.

The majority of people who use wood-burning stoves and fireplaces as their primary heating source typically purchase large volumes of pre-cut wood. By reading this following guide you will not only know how to make the best purchase, but you will also be able to save yourself time, money and physical aches and pain while staying warm and cozy during the winter. 

What Is The Law?

There are many jurisdictions in the United States that have created legislation regarding the financial transactions of firewood. This type of legislation helps to make sure that consumers are given the right amount of firewood for the money they have spent. 

Consumers also need to understand the difference between how a seller may measure firewood in comparison to the state’s measurements. It is important to make this comparison when determining the amount per unit of measurement. 

The only two units of measurement that are legal in many states in the country are fractions of cords and cords. This means that any other unit of measurement is probably a local or regional preferred measurement, and this also means that it can be subject to illegal price increases. Some of these other types of units of measurements are:

  •  Pickup load
  •  Rank
  •  Pile
  •  Rick

Firewood Measurements Explained

Typically, a cord of firewood is defined as being the equivalent of the amount of the cut and stacked firewood that is able to fit in a container that has measurements of 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft. or is equaled to 128 cubic feet. Keep in mind that if you receive firewood that is indifferent lengths, you may actually be getting a different amount of firewood. For example, a cord of firewood that is stacked tightly and is split into 10-foot lengths will contain a lot more energy than a cord of firewood that is stacked and split into six-foot lengths. 

This means that if the firewood has been cut in order to fit inside of a wood-burning stove, and it is stacked and split, there is not as much room for circulation and there is more room for the firewood. On the other hand, if the firewood is piled haphazardly, the volume from the air to the firewood is increased. As a result, there will be less energy with the firewood cord. This is one of the reasons that, as a consumer, you should insist that the firewood is stacked tightly and neatly.

However, every step that is added during processing will influence the final cost that you pay. It is also important to note, as mentioned above, that even though ‘truckload’ is not a legal unit of measurement, it is one that is frequently used by firewood sellers. With this type of measurement, a truckload can mean a light-weight, fully loaded short bed truck, or a pulpwood truck. 

How To Get The Firewood You Need At An Affordable Price

There are several strategies that you can use to help reduce your chances of being a victim of price gouging and to also make sure you are paying the correct amount of money for the correct amount of energy for each firewood unit. 

One tip is to never purchase firewood that is not sold as fractions of cords or cords because once again, these types of measurements are not legal or standard and they are impossible to compare with prices of legal unit measurements that are on the market. Ask how much is a cord of firewood and compare the prices to the stores before buying it. 

To keep space from being wasted, you should also insist that the firewood you are buying is burning length. It should also be stacked tightly and split in a pile. Even if it costs you a little more, at least you will be certain that there is a better estimation for energy volume. 

If you choose truckload measurements, be sure to know the hauling capacity of the truck that is being used to transport and hold the wood. This measurement should be in cubic feet.

You should also measure the seller’s truck bed and your truck bed to determine the volume of both. This figure will be used to determine the cord fraction or cord price you should expect. 

There is one way that you can determine the price. You can multiply the width of the truck bed by the height, and then divide the gross volume per cubic feet by 128. 

You will take that number (which may be a fraction) and multiply it by the firewood cord price to get the value of your wood.  

How Much Will You Pay For Firewood?

The amount you pay for your winter supply of firewood depends on two factors, availability and location. This means that a mixed cord of hardwood may cost between $75 to $100 or more depending on where the seller is located. Make sure that you know where to buy firewood in your area. Check if there are near stores of firewood because the delivery will cost you another money in purchasing it.

If you want to purchase firewood that will be stacked and delivered by the seller, you will also need to include transporting costs to your door when determining how much you will pay. Once again, depending on where you and the seller are located, you can expect to pay $100 to $150 or more for the seller to process, transport and deliver the firewood to you. 

These are some of the factors that are important in determining how much you pay for firewood. Use the strategies in this guide to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth when you are buying firewood.