Reasons To Hiring A Texas Land Clearing Expert

Clearing land can be a daunting task. Whether you’re just cleaning out your backyard or trying to get grounds ready for construction, there are a lot of different details to juggle. If you’re working on a land clearing project, you may want to seek help from a contractor specializing in clearing services. Here are some strong reasons to consider hiring land clearing specialists to help with your clearing activities.


If tree remains or stumps are left in a yard, they can lead to serious injuries and damaged equipment. A professional contractor is paid to do the job correctly from the start. They’ll go out of their way to ensure that these risks are avoided. Many contractors use excavators, soil compactors, bulldozers, and other machinery that you may not have access to, which helps avoid the chance of mistakes or overlooked problems.

Even outside the risk of missing items that need to be removed, land clearing can be dangerous work for amateurs. Professionals have the proper equipment and tools as well as the experience and know-how to make sure everything is done as safely as possible.


If you try to take on the task of clearing land on your own, you may find yourself falling behind schedule. Professional land clearing and tree removal companies can handle these tasks much faster and more efficiently. This is especially important for building contractors trying to keep their project to a tight deadline. Going with a good contracted land clearing company will keep your job running on time.

Environmental Responsibility

Many people associate tree removal and land clearing with negative impacts on the environment, but that does not have to be the case. Most land clearing companies will take waste wood and convert it into mulch that can then be further recycled or used in other products. Working with a company that recycles the wood being cleared from your lot can be beneficial to your own company’s reputation and leave you with a clear conscience about how your work has impacted the environment around you.

In some cases, you’ll be legally required to speak with authorities before starting a land clearing project. If your operation risks destroying any natural habitation, you may need to receive special clearance from a government agency before beginning. A professional land clearing company will have plenty of experience in this realm and will be able to work with you on determining the legal obligations of your project. With their help, you can doge any possible fines or future government problems.

Avoiding Damage

Removing roots and stumps can lead to unexpected damage of items buried beneath them, including cables and pipes. To reduce or avoid these unwanted disturbances, land clearing must be performed with extreme care and thoughtfulness. Contractors who clear land professionally will know how to find and keep a distance from underground cables and pipes. They’ll also be able to excavate areas without accidentally busting into a water system or sending sewage everywhere.


Removing a stump is one thing, but a real land clearing expert will have the best equipment for cutting away stumps as near to the ground as possible. They will also have a firm grasp of the best way to dispose of waste material generated by cutting. It’s not just stumping, either. Professionals will be able to clear weeds, bushes, and other undergrowth from the ground.

Removing Brush

Good land clearing is more than just tree removal. For many projects it will be desirable, if not flat out required, to clear the ground of all objectionable vegetation. A professional land clearing company can help you determine the best way to approach this task. You may want to remove vegetation entirely, or you may want to leave some for aesthetic reasons and as a means of preventing soil erosion. You can work with a professional to determine what works best for your project’s needs.

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