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If you are in need of oak, pecan, maple, walnut or hickory firewood, either in pieces or stacks, be sure to give us a call. FWS Firewood has many different kinds of wood on hand for pits and fireplaces. Our affordable firewood stacks are ideal for people who are looking for wood for residential or commercial use. We have affordably priced wood that is suitable for burning, in a range of different types and styles.

Oak Firewood / Pecan Wood / BBQ Wood – Delivery and Sales

We are always happy to deliver wood to your property, whether that is your home, shop or place of business. A number of texas restaurants make use of our firewood services, and also turn to us when they are looking for aged wood pieces. Choosing a high-quality wood to burn is an excellent way of adding savory flavor to your meat, fish, and vegetables.

Red oak and pecan are good options for professional BBQ cookers. You can burn any oak or hardwood in a fireplace or pit. There are lots of possibilities and we would be happy to explain the differences to you.

Our range of services includes:


Wood pieces






Delivery of oak, maple and pecan cords at affordable prices


Houston cooking, BBQ, burning and firewood


Houston tree cutting, trimming and preservation

Serving Houston and the Rest of Texas

If you love cooking outside, be sure to give us a call. We would be happy to offer quotes and can help you get the best prices in town for all of your cooking and wood heating needs.

We are waiting for your call so that we can give you directions to the site nearest to you, or so you can tell us where you would like the wood delivered.

If you have any tree care needs, be sure to get in touch for a free estimate.

Firewood has a lot of uses at home, on the ranch, and for commercial properties. We are happy to deliver firewood quickly and will work to beat any competitor’s prices.

Premium Firewood Sales in Texas

Whatever type of wood you are looking for, we can help you. We offer free delivery of firewood in Houston and the surrounding areas. We use wood from tree removals for firewood, and have a large range of different types of wood to choose from, including:

  • Seasoned firewood
  • Apple cherry wood
  • Smoking wood
  • Indian head firewood
  • Chunks of wood
  • Cypress
  • Mesquite
  • Oak
  • Wood chips


We are always happy to deliver half or quarter cords, or up to eight full cords of wood. One cord is 4ft tall by 16 feet long, half cords are 4ft by 8ft, and a quarter cord is 4ft by 4ft.

When you choose FWS Firewood, you can feel good about your purchase because you know that you are supporting our efforts to recycle the byproduct of our tree service. If you are in need of wood for cooking or for any other use, whether that is heating, or industrial uses, call the team at FWS Firewood. Firewood Sellers are your trusted Texas firewood company and are here to serve all of your firewood needs now, and for many years to come.

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