Top Ways Of Clearing Overgrown Land And Its Benefits To Your Land

Clearing overgrown land is a huge project. You have to take lots of things into consideration, including who gets to keep the wood after the land is cleared. Clearing the land is also very rewarding and you can use the space to plant new things or build something. Read on to learn the best methods of clearing land.

The Benefits Of Clearing Land

Clearing land is a great way to reclaim unused space. You can also sell or use any timber that you cut down. It is important to decide whether you want to clear land by hand or you want to use machinery. You can also use a combination of both.

If you use machines the process is going to go a lot faster. If you are only clearing a small section of the land you can go ahead and do everything by hand. Larger pieces of land or going to need machines to be cleared unless you want to spend months trying to do it by hand. You will need to rent a Bobat, stump grinder, and backhoe.

You need to know how to operate the machinery and you have to have the money to rent the machines. If you have a very large piece of land to clear it is best to consider hiring a land clearing company to come out and clear the land for you. They are experts in clearing the land and they have land clearing techniques to do it properly.

Tools You Need To Clear Land By Hand

If you want to clear land by hand you need to make sure that you have the right tools. You will need a chainsaw to cut down small trees. You also need a hatchet and ax to cut branches and undergrowth. A good weedwhacker is perfect for cutting down weeds. Loppers and pruning tools work well to cut things down.

You will also need other basic tools like spades. The chainsaw is going to be the tool you use the most. The chainsaw works to cut down trees. Make sure that you check the oil level regularly and make sure that the chain is sharp.  Avoid hitting the chainsaw on rocks or dirt or else it will get too dull to do anything.

A good spade will help you loosen up small trees so you can pull them out of the ground.

Clear The Land First

If you are planning to use the land for building your dream home, the first step should be doing is clearing the land. Clearing wooded land for house can be distressing especially if you don’t know where to begin and what are the things you need to consider. You can start by clearing all the small trees, shrubs, brush, and rocks out of the way. The clearing phase will give you more space and you will have a path to walk on. This is important because you need this room when you are ready to fell trees. 

You don’t want the trees falling into the brush because it will be too hard to get to them if this happens. You need to clear out the brush so you can access the trees and haul the logs away.

Fell The Trees

Once you have the land cleared you can start felling the trees. Use your chainsaw to cut the larger trees down. The land is going to start feeling more open quickly once you start getting the trees out of the way. The sky is going to open up and you are going to start seeing some progress.

When you fell the trees cut them into logs and haul them away so you don’t have the logs sitting around. The branches can be mulched and they can also be burned. Be very careful when you are cutting down trees because it can be very dangerous. 

If you cut the tree the wrong way it can fall on you. If you are not confident with your tree cutting skills make sure that you call in a team of professionals to take the tree down for you.

Clean Up The Land

When you have cleared the land and felled the trees you can start cleaning the land. The land is going to look great when everything has been cleared but you still have to clean everything up. There are going to be stumps to deal with, roots, and holes.

You don’t want to leave the land looking like this so you have to make sure that you clean things up. Use a stump grinder to get rid of all of the stumps. Leaving the stumps in the ground looks bad and it makes it impossible to plant new things. Stumps are also a hazard.

A good stump grinder is going to make quick work of the stumps so you can get on with things. If you have too many stumps to grind yourself make sure that you use a service. The service will come in and process the stumps for you. 

You can pile up all of the brush and burn it or dump it. Make sure that you get rid of all of the rocks as well and rake everything up so it looks clean. 

Deal With The Timber

If you are clearing your land, you get to keep the timber. The timber is going to be valuable if you have a lot of it so find out how much it is worth. You can either sell the timber or you can use it yourself for firewood. 

You might also be able to actually sell the trees and make a lot of money doing it. Selling the timber can actually pay the costs of clearing the land and you might even have money left over. Sell the timber to the highest bidder and enjoy getting paid for clearing your land.

See If You Need A Permit 

Make sure that you don’t need a permit. Some areas require that you take out a permit to clear your land. You don’t’ want to end up with a fine. Check with the city to see if you are going to have to take out a permit.

Reclaiming your land allows you to make more money and gain more space. Whether you do it yourself or hire land clearing specialists, you will benefit from clearing your land.