6 Best Firewood to Burn During Winter Season

Winter is coming. Are you ready with your firewood, or you are leaving it late to buy ready made wood that goes right into the fireplace? There is hardly a sight better than a small pile of wood burning with a crackling sound while you sip hot chocolate on your couch. However, do you know which type of wood is best to burn? Do you know where to buy firewood? All this while, you may have got the wrong type of wood if you don’t know how to identify what is seasoned firewood, and that’s why you complained about its quality.

Types of wood to use for burning

The crackling sound of burning bark, the smell of wood-smoke, and the flickering flames look incredible, but you need to get the best firewood to ensure that that kind of scene exists in your house. Here is a list of wood that you should have as firewood for your fireplace:


So, the secret to having a long-lasting fire in your fireplace is combining firewood that burns slowly with the ones that burn relatively quickly and provides more heat. Birch is one of the best firewood to burn as it produces good heat. So, you will need to combine it with some other slow-burning woods. It is best to get birch logs that don’t have too much sap. Sap usually causes a buildup of ash in the other woods and causes them to burn slower than normal. 

The best thing about birch is you can use them unseasoned. Most of the other woods would need at least 6 months of seasoning. However, birch is almost like the readymade wood you plan on buying for this season. If you get birch with saps, make sure you peel the bark off before using the pieces in the fireplace. The bark often works as a firelighter. So, you can pile a heap of birch and a few slow-burning wooden logs and keep the barks underneath. Light the barks, and the birch will get the drift from thereon.


Oak is one of the best firewood types you will ever come across. However, it has one drawback. Even you know the best methods on how to season firewood fast, it takes at least 2 years to season oak. Oak is widely known to be the slowest wood to season. So, you need to give it a lot of time to season and become burn-worthy. The high density of oak is the reason why it takes so much time to season. 

However, its density also has a massive advantage. It makes oak a slow-burning wood. Oak doesn’t work like birch. That is why combining oak and birch would be perfect for a long-lasting fire. It will keep the fire going for hours. That is why most people burn birch and oak after dinner so that the fire can last throughout the night. You should always remember this to know what is the best firewood to use.


Apart from slow-burning and fast-burning wood, there is another category that offers a steady flame from the first minute. Ash falls into that category. That is why people consider it the best firewood for burning. You need to season it for approximately six months before finally using the pile. Ash produces a steady flame that doesn’t burn too fast or too slow. The more ash you put in the fireplace, the longer the flames will last. So, make sure you have enough firewood if you want to keep the fire going for hours. You may also want to read some tips on how to store firewood outside to avoid bugs inside your house.

Ideally, you don’t need any other type of firewood to mix with ash. Like slow-burning woods need fast-burning wood to accompany them to burn for a long time, ash can deal with everything on its own. However, you need to make sure that you are present when this type of firewood is burning. You cannot light a fire with ash logs inside and expect it to last all night. 


Cherry is another slow-burning firewood. It provides a steady heat output and gives a sweet aroma while burning. However, you need to season cherry wood properly before using it. It requires considerable time to season. Professionals who deal with cherry wood recommend that you allow the logs to dry for at least 6 to 8 months. If you can give more time, it is only going to make the wood better. Although cherry doesn’t take so much time as oak, you should allow the wood to get rid of the moisture to burn easily. You can also ask stores on how much is a cord of firewood costs.


Most people consider beech as one of the top three kinds of wood to use as firewood. However, it takes an enormous amount of time to dry, and how to dry firewood fast is hard. Beech has considerably high water content. Ideally, you should season beech for at least three years before even thinking of using it. This is a slow-burning wood. So, you will have to combine it with a fast-burning wood in the fireplace. Beech is quite similar to oak. Both of them take time to season.

Ideally, you should cut the logs into medium-sized pieces and leave it in the sunshine every year. Three years is a long time to season a pile of firewood. But make sure the pile doesn’t get wet in the rain so, have the best firewood storage. It would take another three years to bring the moisture level down in that case.


The advantage of sycamore is it can season very quickly. It hardly takes a few months to season, especially if there is continuous sunlight for consecutive weeks. It provides moderate heat output. You don’t need to combine sycamore with other firewood. It is similar to ash in the sense that it produces a steady flame for hours. However, the moderate heat output might warrant more logs into the fireplace to provide the warmth you need in the room.

These are the top six types of wood that you can use as fuel to keep the fire going in your fireplace. Some cities experience chilly winters right from November. So, make sure you have a combination of slow-burning, fast-burning, and seasoned firewood that offers a steady flame for a long period to keep your family warm throughout the evening and night. So now that you know what is seasoned firewood you will be able to enjoy your hot drink while relaxing together with your loved ones.